Poesiat & Kater Muuke 004

Rotation Series Pale Ales

Muuke 004 is the next in our line of Rotation Series Pale Ales that pays homage to the main accountant of the original Van Vollenhoven brewery that stood in Amsterdam from 1733-1949.

Muuke 004: NEPA is a New England style Pale Ale and the first beer that used or brand new Hop Back! Packed full of 15g per liter of dry hopped Mosaic, Citra, and Amarillo hops Muuke 004 is a hazy, juicy bomb for your mouth. As always we used the malt bill from our Original Muuke but this time we added Un-malted Wheat and Oats to help with the haze along and topped it off with the epicly clean finishing White Labs San Diego Super Yeast.

As with all of our Muuke Pale Ales this is a limited edition beer, so drink it fresh and get it while it lasts!"

Prijs en eenheid

€ 88,00 per fust 20L

5.7% Alc.

The beer will ship from our brewery on August 30th but will be filled on the 27th so preorders need to be in by then so we know how many kegs we need.